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CSR Policy: ESG Commitment Statement

Bridge Bank Group, a socially responsible bank, offers innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clientele of individuals, SMEs, and businesses and as of 2023, becomes a PLAYER IN A SUSTAINABLE AND ETHICAL ECONOMY.

Through its new strategy encompassing environmental, social, and Governance issues, Bridge Bank Group is now committed to sustainable transition management based on an approach aligned with the most credible international standards in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Finance.

In line with its business model, our bank's CSR approach is based on four (4) key areas:

  • Human capital management within the bank;
  • Management of risks and environmental impacts related to the bank's activities;
  • Management of the socio-economic impacts of the bank's activities;
  • Ethics and compliance in the transparent management of the bank's affairs.

Our approach, centered around 11 major challenges, is in line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the guidelines of ISO 26 000.

At the heart of our approach, we place human capital. Our employees, our main asset, represent a secure value for the bank, which is committed to respecting the rights of everyone, promoting talents, ensuring gender equality, and creating a social climate conducive to collective well-being.

Customer experience and the relationship with the local community remain a priority for the bank, which aims to strengthen its anchoring through the constant quality of its service offerings.

Our service providers and all our stakeholders are committed to working alongside us, to work on a daily basis, and to meet the challenges of our society of tomorrow.

Our environmental strategy and our contribution to the adaptation of our countries of presence to the effects of climate change are mainly based on improving the energy performance of the group's infrastructure and sustainable resource management.

We are committed to supporting and financing projects with a positive impact on the environment, with a particular focus on financing SMEs.

To be among the best players in the transformation of the regional economy, sustainable finance becomes our creed. We continue our growth trajectory by integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into the eligibility criteria for financing.

Our ambition is to expand our activities regionally and increase our customer base while remaining deeply committed to the values of ethics, compliance, confidentiality, and compliance with current regulations.

Proud of the path taken and aware of the challenges ahead, Bridge Bank Group intends to continue and intensify its action in the service of sustainable growth, more respectful of the environment, and concerned with the well-being of all.

This policy is broken down into specific objectives and an annual action plan and will be the subject of an annual extra-financial report as part of the bank's CSR performance measurement.

This policy is available to our stakeholders and the public in all our branches and on the website: www.bridgebankgoup.com

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