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Customer Information - Bank Seized Business

Following the publication of various information in the national press, stating that a seizure was made on the assets of Bridge Bank Group Côte d'Ivoire, we wish to clarify that the case mentioned in these press articles is pending before the Ivorian justice system, of which we are respectful.

ISO 9001 Certification - Bridge Bank Group CI

ISO 9001 certification for a quality Bank

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International Tender Notice: Selection of a Firm Responsible for Defining the Ten-Year Strategic Plan for Regional Interbank Payment Systems (2016-2025) and Developing the Five-Year Business Plan (2016-2020)

As part of the deepening of its intervention strategy, the Interbank Electronic Banking Group of the WAEMU is launching a consultation to secure the services of a firm responsible for the definition of the ten-year strategic plan for the regional interbank electronic banking project (2016-2025) and the elaboration of the five-year business plan (2016-2020).

Announcement Regarding the Circulation of Fraudulent Certified Checks

Dear customers,

A circulation of fraudulent certified checks, allegedly issued by certain banks, including BRIDGE BANK GROUP Côte d'Ivoire, is currently observed.

Confirming that such checks do not originate from its services, BRIDGE BANK GROUP Côte d'Ivoire declines any responsibility regarding the use of these falsified forms.

In case of doubt, we recommend that interested parties kindly contact our services (20 25 87 13 or 20 25 87 30) for authentication.

Updating Information Process for All Customers

Dear customers,

As part of the optimization of its customer approach, Bridge Bank Group CI is initiating a process of updating the information of all its clients (institutional, large companies, SMEs, individuals...).