After 6 years of presence in the Ivorian market, BBGCI embarked on a significant shift in its activity in 2013. To this end, it launched its new communication campaign on May 25, 2013, based on the expression of its expertise and elitism.

Through a catchphrase expressing its competence and a signature clearly presenting the sense of its mission, BBGCI makes its relationship with its clients an expression of competence in the service of success. While its private banking and financing activities require a level of service and support, it also requires the ability to deliver precise solutions to specific issues.

This mission that BBGCI sets for itself is grounded in its internal organization and the values that motivate its staff. Making competence an art undoubtedly implies rigor and professionalism at every stage of any achievement. Thus, beyond being a mere advertising expression, this new campaign reflects the strategic importance of the bank's taken turn.