Advance on Tax Charges

This is a financing formula that allows a company to pay its tax obligations in case of cash flow difficulties.


  • Effectively pay taxes despite cash flow constraints
  • Avoid problems with the tax authorities


Maximum amount (million FCFA)

30 million FCFA

Repayment period

3 months

Interest rate (excl. tax)

From 12% to 12.5%

Disbursement method

Disbursement by direct transfer order to the DGI upon presentation of the form drawn on E-tax


For setting up the line

  • BIC form
  • Completed heritage form
  • Headquarters location plan
  • Irrevocable payment domiciliation
  • Visa or certified financial statements or general balance sheet (for new companies)
  • Commitment point (certificate of non-liability or liability as appropriate)
  • Copy of the ID card of the spouse if married under community property or supporting document if married under separation of property

For the draw

  • Client's request expressing the need
  • DISA form or tax return
  • Treasury plan